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Experience The Sound and Soul of TOWER OF POWER!!
and The Greatest Horn Hits of the 70s!!
Oakland Stroke faithfully recreates the music of fabled Bay area soul band Tower of Power. The funk, the excitement and the soul. Based in Toronto, Canada. The band is led by Lou Pomanti and Tony Carlucci. 
And  Oakland Stroke plays the Greatest Horn Hits of the 70s!
Including songs by Blood, Sweat & Tears ( Lou is a former member) - Earth, Wind & Fire - Stevie Wonder & MORE!



Lou Pomanti                                                  organ   
Tony Carlucci                                                 trumpet
George St. Kitts/Jivaro Smith                  vocals
John Johnson                                                tenor sax
Marc Rogers/Steve Lucas                         bass
John Findlay /Lou Bartolomucci             guitar
Steve McDade/Chris Howells                  trumpet
John Panchyshyn                                        tenor sax, vocals
Pol Coussee/Simon Wallis                       baritone sax
Steve Heathcote/Bryan Humphreys     drums
Bernie Sandor                                              sound


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